“ENCANTE” (31-F50)

Artist: JP Whiting
Collection: First 50
Medium/Material: Alcohol ink on fiberboard
Created: July 2018
Dimensions: 39 3/8″ x 23 5/8 ” x 1 3/8 ”
Weight: 14 lbs 2 oz
Layout: Landscape/Horizontal
Location: Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Status: Sold


Story: According to native South American legend, someone hanging around the Amazon river between dusk and dawn could be whisked away by a shape-shifting pink river dolphin, to a magical underwater city called “Encante” – a utopia full of wealth and without pain or death. The dolphins known as “encantados” are often characterized in mythology with superior musical ability, seductiveness and sexuality.

Room photo courtesy of Regan Baker – Modern Sanctuary.