Dimensions: 10″ x 23.5″ x 1″
Square Inches: 235
Price per square inch: $0.85


Artist Inspiration: So this story is a little off-beat. When I was a teenager growing up in the Northern Interior of BC, Snoop Dogg came to town. My friends and I bought tickets because at the time that was the coolest thing to come to PG, by far. Anyhow, one of my stage members had this goblet (filled with a non-alcoholic spritzer, I’m sure) which was decorated with these over-the-top violet jewels, embellished with ornate gold. He was dancing and cheersing and his drink was spilling all over the sides of his goblet. I like Snoop Dogg and the intricate complexities of his lyrics :P, but I always wonder why this detail had such an impression on me… Maybe we just didn’t see a lot of goblets in Prince George.

Medium: Alcohol Ink
Material: MDF Panel, Acrylic Coating
Created: 2019
Additional comments: Sides of board expose spilt ink drippings

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