Behind the Brush with Philpotts

This week, we welcome the talented Alison Philpotts as a new addition to the Calgary Art Market artist roster. From “Magic Hour” sunsets peeking through Kananaskis forests to the soft rounded rocks on a West Coast beach, Alison has a beautiful way of capturing a warm and inviting moment in time. In this post, we’ll share a little bit about Alison so you can get to know the person behind the brush. 

Let’s begin at your core: what inspires you to paint what you paint?

I am continuously inspired by western Canadian landscapes. Having lived most of my life here in Calgary and with family on the west coast, I have an endless supply of inspiration for my next painting.

Your style is so smooth and beautiful; how do you achieve this particular look?

My style can be labeled as impressionistic, as I paint emotively, with loose and colourful paint strokes. My goal is always to shut down my brain, and paint from my heart.

How do you know when a work is finished? 

A painting is done, when my paint strokes become ‘tight’ and it feels forced.

What song from the past just makes you so happy and what does it remind you of? 

A song that always makes me happy is Staying Alive, by The Bee Gees. It always makes me feel good about myself, and then I translate this onto the canvas. I actually listen to 80’s dance music at times, to start or kick start a painting in progress!


If you haven’t already make sure to follow Alison on Instagram. If you’re like most Calgarians, her landscapes will not only resonate with your soul but they’ll also remind you to round up your loved ones and get out to the mountains for that lovely, deep breath of fresh air. 

Stay tuned to new work that will be added to the Calgary Art Market soon!

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