Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Read reviews by clients who have purchased original art by JP Whiting. Feedback has been gathered by client-surveys, email and phone calls. 

“I have had the amazing opportunity of meeting 100+ people in the process of selling my art. Meeting my clients in-person has always been a priority of mine, not only because I get to learn about who they are and why they like my art, but also because they are generally super awesome people! My clients are people who value originality and local talent. So from the get go, they’re already new friends in my books. ” – JP Whiting

"I loved meeting Jessica in-person and being able to purchase beautiful work that I could afford on a budget. I am also very inspired by her dedication to her practice, especially while being an awesome mom to her young children."
Marni W.
Repeat Client
"When I bid on the art, I was excited. When I saw the art in person, I was blown away. The vibrancy of the ink is so much more intense and lovely in real life"
Susan T.
"While her art was spectacular it was her approach to selling it and making more inclusive that I appreciated. I've never bought original art because it seemed out-of-reach, but Jessica made me feel at home. Happy to support her on this journey."
Jocelyn B.

 “How satisfied are you with your purchase(s)?” 

100% of clients answered either “Very” or “Extremely Satisfied”.

“How would you rate the quality of the art?” 

87.5% of clients answered answered either “Better Than Expected” or “Way Beyond Expectations”

“Are you interested in buying more art?”

100% of clients answered “Yes”

 “Would you recommend JP Whiting’s art?”

100% of clients answered “Yes”