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Bright, captivating and bold are just a few of the words to describe our newest artist’s style. Holly Marie is a Calgary abstract artist who’s fearlessness and energy is very apparent in the work she creates. In this post, we’ll uncover Marie’s inspiration, approach and values as an emerging Canadian artist. 

How did your journey as an artist begin?

Growing up, I always enjoyed creating, whether it was art or different types of crafts and of course in school my favourite classes were always art related but I’ll admit I never took it too seriously. When I left home at 19, I actually started to loose interest in art and didn’t pick it back up until my late 20’s. I was inspired by my mother’s and sister’s artwork but struggled with my own art. I tried painting in the same style as them and I tried painting what I thought others would like, constantly comparing my work to theirs but never feeling that my work would ever be as good as I felt it needed to be. When I gave up trying to paint like others and stopped worrying about what I thought people expected of my work, I started to finally discover my own style of painting. From there my passion for abstract art took off. Even after discovering my personal style of painting, having my work displayed publicly, and even featured on tv, I still didn’t consider myself an artist. It wasn’t until a couple years ago that I felt I had finally become an artist.

Where do you find inspiration?

The three things that inspire me the most are seeing other artists brightly coloured work in completely different styles than my own, especially when I can’t quite figure out the techniques they used, my mother’s and sister’s success as artists, and as egotistical as it sounds, my own work. That moment when I’ve finished a painting and I step back to look at it and realise it turned out even better than I could have expected, that moment, that inspires me. Thinking if that one painting turned out better than I thought it would, how much better will the next one turn out?

Your style is fun, bright and bold – how does this influence your approach?

When I start a new painting, I’ll choose my colours first and I’ll decide what direction I want the picture to flow in but beyond that, nothing else is planned out. I try not to overthink it and to paint what feels natural while letting the paint guide me. I feel painting this way helps create my unique style. I try to step outside my colour comfort zone but it usually feels too unnatural and I head straight back to bright, energy filled colours. 

There is a local charity you support, can you tell us a little about it?

I donate 10% of all my sales to Robin’s Refuge: a family-run, non-profit sanctuary dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and providing lifelong refuge to animal survivors of horrific abuse and neglect. Committed to advocating for these animals through public education, Robin’s Refuge strives to teach humane treatment of animals, alternative lifestyle options that include more environmentally-friendly choices and to remove the ignorance that surrounds animal based industries. 

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Holly Marie

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