Instagram Takeover



The Calgary Art Market is turning over the keys to its @CalgaryArtMarket Instagram handle to interested local artists hoping to promote their awesome work and connect with some local collectors. The mission of this takeover is to: 

#1: Promote Local Artists

Helping Calgarian artists gain exposure on social media to promote their available and upcoming work.

#2: Resource for Collectors

Connecting art collectors to some of the exciting art available locally that they may not have otherwise been aware of. 

Supporting local artists is an effort that any proud Calgarian should practice. We’re asking Calgarian artists to takeover this account, one week at a time. And of course, your name/business would be credited for any content that you post. This opportunity is 100% free.

Instagram Takeover Guidelines

Prior to takeover

  • Create a brief plan of what you hope to share during your takeover. We look forward to seeing your unique perspective on life. What’s your morning routine like? How do you get in the creative zone? Where can people buy your art? What are looking forward to? Feel free to expand past the parameters of your finished artwork.
  • Once we’ve nailed a start date of your takeover, announce to your existing audience that you are taking over the @calgaryartmarket account in order to spread awareness.

During takeover

  • Introduce yourself! Make sure your first post includes an intro of who you are and what you’ll be featuring throughout the week!
  • Contribute often! We ask artists to post a minimum of 1 post and 1 story per day during your takeover. If you have capacity for more, giver’!
  • Alongside your post descriptions, use hashtags (up to 30) to expand your reach. (We’ll send you a list of 30 if you need help in this area)
  • Include your name and Instagram handle in the description of your posts. This way if someone sees your post after your takeover, they’ll know where to find you. 


  • Please don’t change our profile photo during your takeover
  • Please don’t share the password with anyone else, unless otherwise approved
  • Please avoid posting images with potentially illegal or offensive subject matter, including nudity, expletives and violence
  • Please refrain from making any religious or political opinions – we’re an inclusive handle!
  • Please refrain from following new users while using the @calgaryartmarket account (unless it’s your own account), but encourage you to interact and tag others users in your takeover posts
  • If we feel like the takeover is being abused or misused, then we have the right to discontinue your takeover at any given time. 

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