Ashley Marie Hunt

Ashley Marie Hunt

Ashley Hunt is an Alberta based artist, mother and outdoor enthusiast. Growing up in the prairies her work is strongly influenced by our Alberta landscape.

She explores abstraction of both the physical landscape and emotional space in her work. Alternating between rich visceral textures and soft translucent glazes, Ashley challenges the viewer with a constant push pull. Working with a whimsical and vibrant colour pallet Ashley focuses on bringing joy found in nature into the interior space. With influences from everything from pop culture to traditional pastoral scenes Ashleys work is a joyful exploration into modern living.

She was born in Victoria, British Columbia and moved to Alberta as a young child. A passionate and creative individual Ashley has always searched for an outlet for her artistic inclinations. She is an emerging Canadian artist who works primarily in mixed media and acrylics. As a graduate of the Alberta College of Art and Design, Ashley has had the pleasure to study under many brilliant local artists. She draws inspiration from Don Kottmann, Jean Michel Basquiat, Jackson Pollock and Hans Hofmann, which is reflected in her use of colour and shape. Ashley has her BFa, major in Drawing, and as such was able to experiment with a vast variety of media. This early experimentation has helped shape her unique deconstructed style. While Ashley has taken a brief hiatus after her time at ACAD, she was constantly involved in a variety of creative outlets. Starting her family has given Ashley the courage and drive to pursue her art.

After allowing herself a chance to refocus and reflect she has intensified her practice in recent years. Living in the foothills of Alberta, it is easy to see how the local landscape informs her work. Ashley works at capturing a feeling and memory of a timeless moment as opposed to a literal reproduction of a space. Her work is a thorough examination of light and dark, sharp and soft, day and night.


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