Kristen Powell

Kristen Powell

Abstract sound wave artist

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“We all have a song, poem or sound which perfectly embodies a time or space or relationship in our lives that, upon hearing it, are immediately transported to that space and time or into the arms of the loved one. Kristen provides the visualization of these memory triggers, by turning the sound waves of your chosen sound and transforming it into a stunning piece of visual art, so the people and places who have touched us are never far from our conscious thought. I gave my sister a poem that we shared between us, E.E. Cummings, “I carry your hear in my heart”. She cried immediately when she saw it because it already carried so much meaning for us. It was a beautifully effective way to tell my sister how much I love her. Kristen created the art piece, but the image belongs to my sister and I. A customized Resonance Art piece is the next gift you should buy for someone really special.”

-Kelly B.

Calgarian artist Kristen Powell is known for her vibrant alcohol ink paintings that incorporate sound waves.

Kristen specializes in sound wave art. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Calgary and a Bachelor of Education from the University of British Columbia. She works as a school teacher and creates art on weekends. For Kristen, music and sound are often connected to important moments and memories. She uses these moments as inspiration to create abstract paintings that include sound waves and symbolic colours. Her pieces resonate with viewers because of our shared experience with music and sound. Kristen aims to make emotional experiences tangible and relatable. She enjoys experimenting with new mediums and seeking to create images that resonate with others.

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