Mason Graff

Mason Graff

Mason is a graduate of Alberta College of Art and Design, majoring in Drawing.

While studying, Mason discovered artists such as Donald Judd, Frank Stella, and Sol Lewitt. These influences created a love for the minimalist aesthetic and helped Mason to evolve his practice to what it is today. Outside of Mason’s fine art practice, he is also a practicing graphic designer and illustrator with a focus and passion toward brand identity development.

Mason’s work has been displayed throughout the city of Calgary in franchises and local businesses such as DADE Design Lab, Mission Tattoo Parlour, Kit and Ace and Brandsmith Studio. These opportunities have allowed Mason to build relationships and stay connected within the local arts and design community. He has also been included in a variety of local art shows showing alongside other talented local artists.

A passion for minimalism and fascination with Jean-Paul Sartre’s philosophical ideas around the metaphysical world allows Mason to create work that challenges the viewer to discover new ways of viewing all aspects that make up his work. With a goal of creating a dynamic experience, Mason has proven that spending an extended amount of time with an individual painting allows for a change in perspective for his viewers.

Mason is eager to continue to create new and challenging pieces for himself and his viewers and is constantly seeking new opportunities to be involved in Calgary’s local art scene.


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