Traditionally, the price of art has been a very uncomfortable thing to bring up with the artist. Expectations, effort, ego, value, popularity, quality, etc. all play interesting roles in how an artist prices her work. Pricing is one of the most important parts of selling your art and I am on a quest to disrupt how this is done.

Traditional Method

My Method

Auction Pricing

My auctions start at a minimum of $150 and currently sell for around $0.65 per square inch (PSI). There are exceptions – some art has sold for as low as $0.35 PSI and some as high as $3.25 PSI. Every month this average increases slightly as my audience grows.

Retail Pricing

This is the “Regular Price” you see and it will vary between $0.85 and $0.95 per square inch. Occasionally, retail pieces will go on sale or be put up as auction. Extra large or unique pieces have a higher retail price $1.10+ due to increased logistics and cost.

Commission Pricing

My commission pricing varies depending on the size of the art but it is on average about double the price of retail. Depending on the material, services included, size and timeline the price may be more or less. I include two options for the client to choose from with any commission. I am happy to provide a detailed estimate to any clients interested in this option. 

Leasing Options

Short-term art is what a many people are looking for. Maybe they are planning to sell their house or maybe they can’t commit to a colour or style at a full retail price tag. Some people might just want to try the art out for a month or two before committing to purchasing. 

The price is 5% of the retail price, starting at a minimum $15 per month and going up to $160 per month. And if you decide at the end of a three-month period to purchase the piece, the amount you’ve already paid will be deducted from the price. Instead of making a significant financial commitment, you can try it out, make sure you love it first and that it fits well with your home decor.

Delivery and installation within city limits can be arranged for an additional fee.