Terms of Use

By posting and bidding on art on this site you are agreeing to the followings terms:

Art Submissions:

  • Art that contains profanity, pornography, racism, hate crimes, etc. will not be accepted.
  • Art that appears low-quality, or of questionable taste may not be approved to be listed on the art market.
  • Photos of art must be of true likeness.
  • Artwork must be ready to mount on a wall with secure and safe hardware. It may be necessary to explain to the buyer how to mount it safely.
  • Conceptual images (Photoshopping on walls, 3rd party application renderings, etc.) may not be approved. Your listing may be approved but these particular images may not.


  • It is the artist’s responsibility to promote their art. The success of the listing is dependent on the artist’s ability to promote it.
  • It’s recommended that artist’s promote their listing on their social accounts. Feel free to use @calgaryartmarket on Instagram
Meeting up
  • It is the artist’s responsibility to ensure the artwork is collected within 10 days of the purchase date. The artist must be reasonably available within this time.
  • The artist is expected to act with kindness and professionalism when dealing with clients
  • If at the meet-up (and only then) the client’s expectations of the art are not met, they are entitled to a refund. In this scenario, the artist keeps the artwork and is not paid.
  • It’s encouraged that the artist select a public place to hand over their art (school, library, park, etc.) and when possible always ensure a family member or friend knows the details of the meeting. Use caution when inviting clients to your studio or residence. 

Account Suspensions:

  • Administrators may suspend or close accounts without notice, due to report(s) of poor customer service or quality of work.


  • Artists are paid once the Calgary Art Market collects payment from the payment company. Generally, this can be up to 1 month from the transaction date. The client must have received the art by this time.


  • The Calgary Art Market is not liable for any damage, injury or death resulting from the creation, promotion, sale, transport, client-meeting, mounting or maintenance of the art.